Fanax: the Mycenaean term for "king"; pronounced "wanax". The funny initial letter, "F", is called digamma and shows up in Archaic Greek epigraphy (papyrus and tablet writings). The sound, if not the letter form, and its linguistic equivalent initially show up in the heiroglyphic writings (Linear B) of Bronze Age Greece both at Pylos, in the far west of Greece (Peloponnese), and at Knossos in north central Crete, the funny "F". Specifically, digamma shows up in the Greek of Homer's Iliad with the word "F"anax, but there it's a "rough breathing" in the form "(h)anax", where the term is linked to an important individual at Pylos. In Classical and Hellenistic Greek, the F continues in this aspirant, or "h" sound, form at the beginning of many Greek words.

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the Food Farm

February 28, 2010 ·

How cool is this?  Just sorry that we weren't able to make the trip up for the award!  My folks and brother in the news:

Food Farm's Fisher-Merrit family wins MOSES farmer of the Year

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The Monkeysphere

February 22, 2010 ·

What a read!  Not the cleanest piece, but very funny and IMHO very insightful.

The Monkeysphere is the brain's maximum limit of 150 people that any one of us can possibly give a shit about.  YMMV.

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... even for People You Don't Like

February 03, 2010 ·

There are plenty of things I don't like, even things I consider immoral based on a code outside of my own 'feelings', but nevertheless it is true that Liberty is Even for People You Don't Like.

"Once liberty applies only to the things that we like, we have abandoned the true idea of liberty entirely. From that point on, you and I, as enforcers, must cling ever more tightly to arbitrary power. If we don’t, then someone else may come along, take that power, and criminalize us. A free society leaves the misfits alone, because sooner or later, everyone is a misfit, in some way or another."

Sooner or later ... everyone is a misfit ...

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