Fanax: the Mycenaean term for "king"; pronounced "wanax". The funny initial letter, "F", is called digamma and shows up in Archaic Greek epigraphy (papyrus and tablet writings). The sound, if not the letter form, and its linguistic equivalent initially show up in the heiroglyphic writings (Linear B) of Bronze Age Greece both at Pylos, in the far west of Greece (Peloponnese), and at Knossos in north central Crete, the funny "F". Specifically, digamma shows up in the Greek of Homer's Iliad with the word "F"anax, but there it's a "rough breathing" in the form "(h)anax", where the term is linked to an important individual at Pylos. In Classical and Hellenistic Greek, the F continues in this aspirant, or "h" sound, form at the beginning of many Greek words.

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the White death

February 07, 2007 ·

So, we get all of 5 inches of snow yesterday, with the fall ending about 8:00 pm.  This morning, then, what do we find?  Side streets ... have been plowed, but not well.  You know, that's OK, I can get out of my street and I can take it easy down the line to get to the freeway entrance.  Now, my fault for even trying the freeway, but c'mon I should expect the road to be cleared ... it's one of 2 major arteries through Cincinnati, and I'm on it a full 12 hours after the snow stopped falling.


It may have been plowed. once. after the first inch fell.  Other than that, just a bunch of rows of snow with cars trying to crawl between them.  And crawl they did, even when the lanes were fairly open we never topped 15 mph.

55 minutes to make my 20-minute commute.  What a crock.

J, out

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