Fanax: the Mycenaean term for "king"; pronounced "wanax". The funny initial letter, "F", is called digamma and shows up in Archaic Greek epigraphy (papyrus and tablet writings). The sound, if not the letter form, and its linguistic equivalent initially show up in the heiroglyphic writings (Linear B) of Bronze Age Greece both at Pylos, in the far west of Greece (Peloponnese), and at Knossos in north central Crete, the funny "F". Specifically, digamma shows up in the Greek of Homer's Iliad with the word "F"anax, but there it's a "rough breathing" in the form "(h)anax", where the term is linked to an important individual at Pylos. In Classical and Hellenistic Greek, the F continues in this aspirant, or "h" sound, form at the beginning of many Greek words.

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home again, safe and sound

September 11, 2006 ·

So, I had an excellent trip to Boise this weekend.  No one likes that we come together for sad events, but it was so good to see so much of the family, and to be there for Grandma.  Spent a lot of time with Dad and Rubye, which was very nice, and got to hang out with Tom and Linda and Sean and Jenny, too, as well as Grandma.  Grandpa scripted his own memorial service from start to finish, including creating a CD of music and his own words to fill in between the script he wrote for his best friend, Bob, to read aloud.  Very moving ceremony, and very much Gus.  Was tough for all of us at the end to hear the recordings of him singing (from 1953, where the set pieces were part of his dissertation work) and then the final admonitions and the Big Joke which he had recorded himself saying at the very end.  Brought it all home pretty squarely to hear him, especially for Gert. 

Got to meet a few more family members I didn't know, so that was cool, too.  Mary Fisher was up from Southern CA, Gus and Gert's neice, and it was very neat to get to know her a bit.  Also met Linda's oldest, Adam, although I didn't really get a chance to get to know him well, spending most of my time with Reid and Tom and Gert.

Travel was rough, too, especially the home stretch, with a run to Denver, then to Charlotte (nearly 3 hours), and then a slight delay before the quick up-and-over to Cinci (about 1 hour of flight time).  I'm grateful, though, that all the storms predicted across the Midwest resulted in little more than 3 or 4 minutes of rough flying as we descended into the Ohio River Valley.  I praise God for safe travels, for the ability to be part of my Dad's family when it was needed and appropriate, and for knowing that there are a bunch of really cool people out there that I'm related to!

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