Fanax: the Mycenaean term for "king"; pronounced "wanax". The funny initial letter, "F", is called digamma and shows up in Archaic Greek epigraphy (papyrus and tablet writings). The sound, if not the letter form, and its linguistic equivalent initially show up in the heiroglyphic writings (Linear B) of Bronze Age Greece both at Pylos, in the far west of Greece (Peloponnese), and at Knossos in north central Crete, the funny "F". Specifically, digamma shows up in the Greek of Homer's Iliad with the word "F"anax, but there it's a "rough breathing" in the form "(h)anax", where the term is linked to an important individual at Pylos. In Classical and Hellenistic Greek, the F continues in this aspirant, or "h" sound, form at the beginning of many Greek words.

Entries for month: August 2006

planning a trip

August 30, 2006 ·

So, I really want to go to Grandpa's memorial service in Boise, which is weekend after next.  Planning a trip that tight is really a pain, especially in the wallet.  $646 is about the best I can find without spending 12 hours in the air each way or driving 2-3 hours on each end.  Even then the return trip will be 3-stage (Boise, Charlotte, Cinci).  Bleah.  Nonetheless, I think it's the right thing to do, so I'll probably take a half-day from work and spend most of the weekend in airports.  It will be good to see the family, though, and to pay my respect to Gus' memory, and to be a support for Dad and Grandma.

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August 29, 2006 ·

My Grandpa, Charles "Gus" Fisher, died Sunday night at his home in Boise, and I'm so sad.  He was a wonderful man, loving and concerned with every person he met.  He truly modelled a Christlike concern for those he met, and will be a model for me the rest of my life.  Although I did not get to see him often over the years, he was very dear to me and I will miss him greatly.  My Grandma Shirley, "Gert", is still doing well and my father and his two brothers will be there for her as we all adjust, so that's good.

I find so much solace knowing that Gus is with the Lord in Heaven now ... I can't even express how thankful I am to God for his good promisses to us.  Yay, God!

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fam's in NY

August 16, 2006 ·

Wow, I really miss Sue and the kids when they're away.  They've been in NY since last Thursday, and the house is just too dang quiet.  Sleep always seems to elude me, too, when they're gone.  Seem to stay up watching bad TV too late every night.  Then last night Holstein must have been hiding upstairs or in Andrew's room, since he came jumping up on the bed about 1:30 and I was too beat to get up throw him out.  About 5:00 he started to knock crap off the nightstand, as is his wont, until I threw him across the room and yelled at him ... after that he let me sleep till the alarm ;)

Over the weekend I got a new exhaust fan installed in the bathroom, completely rewired the switch and hooked up the fan to the roof vent, so that was cool.  Only now, though, am I recovering from the crunch of working up under the eaves in those horrible conditions ... hot, dusty, and very cramped.  Sore muscles from top to bottom, but getting better.  Hope to start some prep on the little paint projects that are also awaiting attention.

Meh, stuff.

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We're back

August 01, 2006 ·

So, yes, there's a new site now, and I think we'll have some fun with it.  Those who become members can post here or at least comment on our posts.  Contact us (link at the right) to get hooked up. 

More importantly (maybe), we're all back from our Alaskan adventure.  Sue and I and the kids were flown up to Vancouver where we took ship (Holland America's Ryndam) up the Inside Passage and then across the Gulf of Alaska to Seward, which is just on the south coast of the peninsula across from Anchorage.  From Seward to Alaska, we took a bus to Anchorage, where we caught a plane back to Cinci.  Of course, it wasn't all that easy. 

Other than some trouble getting home, however, it was a wonderful trip.  I'll post a day-by-day soon!

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